U41 Computer Science(Scientific)

Serendipitous Dream Inc. conducts research in the area of science that addresses the study of data and information storage and processing systems including hardware, software, basic design principles, user requirements analysis and related economic and policy issues.

N60 - Amateur Sports (Educational)

Serendipitous Dream Inc. provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn, become competitive in and enjoy the organized recreational activity, sport or game of their choice. We also provide information about nutrition Included is information about the basic food groups, vitamin and mineral requirements, and the relationship of nutrition to the preservation of good health and the prevention of illness to instruct and educate individuals in the sport of their choice.

P58 - Gift Distribution(Charitable)

Serendipitous Dream Inc. provides, coordinates, or raises money and donations for holiday assistance and gift distribution programs, usually but not exclusively organized around holidays.

V22 - Economics (Scientific)

Serendipitous Dream Inc. conducts research involving the systematic study of the production, conservation and allocation of resources in conditions of scarcity, together with the organizational frameworks related to these processes.